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The main building of the university

The main building of the university

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The university of Bonn consists of a number of buildings scattered around in the whole town and the suburbans. The picture shows the so called "main building", containing parts of the universitary administration and parts of the humanities. The meadow in front of it is called "Hofgartenwiese". It is often used for political demonstrations. Here the AStA ("general students commitee", some kind of students self-government) has called for a demonstration, but people didn't come very numerously beacause the AStA calls for demonstrations every now and then.

The Hofgartenwiese being the only wide and empty area near the center of Bonn, there are regularly discussions between the administration of the city, who would like to let large demonstrations take place on it, and the adminstration of the university, who sees teaching activities disturbed und doesn't want to pay for the necessary gardening afterwards.

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