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Homepage no.2 of Michael Becker

First of all, here is a link to my primary homepage, quasi my homepage no.1, on which there are fewer pictures, but more informations on some rather special themes. But in the moment only in german.

About this site

Indeed there is not much to say about this site. Except perhaps: What is Lamedon? And why ist this site named this way? Furthermore there is a page with the last modifications on this site. Personal information about me cannot be found on this site, but on my Homepage no.1.

Holiday pictures from Madeira

A set of pictures from my holidays on Madeira in spring 1995 and winter 2002.

Pictures of mosses and ferns

A really(!) small collection of pictures of mosses and ferns, which I couldn't use for some reasons on my big moss-site on my primary homepage.

Holiday pictures from iceland

A set of pictures from my holidays in iceland in summer 2001.

Pictures of other plants

But not only mosses are frequently forgotten. There are many other plain plants, people do not deign to look at.

Holiday pictures from Paris

About two dozen pictures of two of my holidays in Paris Easter 1992 and 2002.

Impressions from Bonn

For many people Bonn is some kind of abstract place, where door handles are passed between politicians and journalists. And because this is wrong, some pictures from Bonn, as I see it, can be found here.

Holiay pictures from the faroes

One of my nicest holidays I spent in summer 1997 on the faroes.

Other pictures

All other pictures, that didn't fit elsewhere.

Holiday pictures from Mallorca

This island still has a bad reputation for some people. Nevertheless one can pass such nice holidays on it. These are pictures from my second Mallorca holiday in autumn 2002.


Holiday pictures South Africa

Pictures from the holidays in South Africa 2002 of my sister..

Photo-essay World War 2

My grand-father took pictures in the Second World War. To recall, what happens in many places on earth still today, I produced a little Photo-essay about the war.

Diary 1943/1944

On a flea market I bought a diary of the last days in the war of an unknown, wounded german soldier and National Socialist. (It's in german of course.)

by Michael Becker

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