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This little flower belongs to the rather large genus Veronica (Speedwells). Alone in germany about 50 species can be found. Some of it, as the "Birdeye speedwell" or "Persian speedwell" (Veronica persica) on the picture, can be rather annoying as weed. The name of this species recalls us, that it is not a native plant, but was imported and in the 19. century escaped from a botanical garden. Now it grows in fields or in gardens nearly everywhere.

If one looks a bit closer, this weed is a rather nice plant, as can be seen on the picture. In several other species the blue or blue violet flowers are arranged in racemes. It is not surprising, that the genus contains many ornamental plants for gardens.

The Birdeye speedwell flowers nearly over the whole year. But especially many flowers are formed in the early or in the midsummer.

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