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Stinkhorn fungus

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Most people will know this plant: It is a young stinkhorn fungus. It seems to be rather attractiv for flies. Men are rather reminded of... (ok, you know.) Its scientific name accordingly is "Phallus impudicus", where impudicus signifies something like "obsene" or "lewd".

The thing is, when it reaches its full size, about 10-20cm high. When it ripes, the head gets slimy, and the slime slowly drops down. It is eatable too, but not very savoury.

The development of this mushroom is a bit unusual: At first only so called "witchs eggs" or "devils eggs" (how are they called in english?) ripen. Then they burst open and in only some hours the actual mushroom forms. I've heard, that those eggs are rather edible, if one removes the skin, cuts them in slices and then fries them as potatoes. On the picture the remains of the cover of the egg is visible at the bottom of the stem: It's the slighly yellowish tip.

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