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map of middle-earth

What is Lamedon?

Lamedon ist a more rural region in the middle earth created by JRR Tolkien. It belongs to the land of Gondor and lies under the southern slopes of the White Mountains (Ered Nimrais) near the source of the river Ciril.

The map on the right shows an overall view on the northwestern part of middle earth. Below, the part framed by the red rectangle, is shown in more detail. Lamedon is in its center.

In the north and north-east the high mountain ranges of the Ered Nimrais form the boundary of Lamedon. This range ist seperated from the hills, that form the western border of Lamedon, by a canyon called "Tarlangs neck". The road through Tarlangs neck leads to the green valley of the river Morthond (Black-root) and to the Stone of Erech.

The longest river of Lamedon is called Ciril. It has its source below the White Mountains, and runs southwards, where is finally flows into the river Ringló, somewhere south of Lamedons southern border, which consists of low hills. Lamedon fits rather well to catchment area of the Ciril.

more detailed map of the central Ered Nimrais

At the southern border of Lamedon, near the banks of the river Ciril, is situated the biggest (and the only known) town: "Calembel". In its neighborhood the road crosses the Ciril ford. And south of this point, the wide planes of the Ringló valley begin.

Beside of this, nothing is known of this region. It doesn't play any role in any tale I know, and it is nowhere described. When in "The Lord of the Rings" Gondors southern provinces send troups to the capitals aid, from Lamedon there are coming "some mountain people without a leader". Now, Lamedon doesn't seem to be a real backwood. The reason for the lack of support for the capital was that the people of Lamedon, leaded by their ruler Angbor and obviously more or less alone, tried to defend Linhir near the mounds of the river Gilrain against troops from Umbar and Harad. (Linhir lies a bit south of the map on the right. If you followed the road southwards, you would reach it.) Altogether Lamedon seems to be one the the most populated provinces of Gondor.

And why is this site named Lamedon?

Now, I think that, although so few is known about this district, it characterizes accurately the content of this site, because....

Nonsense! To tell the truth, I didn't find another domain, which sounded nice (yeah I know - but at least for german speakers it sounds nice) and was reasonable short.

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