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Shakaland is the film background for the film "Shaka Zulu". When the film was made the Zulu actors decided to stay here. They took possession of the village, made their village half of it and a hotel from the remaining half. Each room is a round cabin. They are still actors, because they play the Zulu for the tourists as they were hundreds of years ago. Because of its origin it becomes clear why the village is so well-kept and why it is so decorative. In the photo you can see the model of a kraal. The huts are situated in a circle on a slight slope (so that the rain can wash away the dust), the herds are locked in its middle and during the day village life takes place here. Like in the original there was a red and white flag out as a sign of a marriage taking place in the village at the moment. Many traditional Zulu celebrate a Zulu marriage after the marriage at the church (90% of the Zulu are Catholics today). The inhabitants of Shakaland like to prepare it.

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