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Photo essay 2. world war

In a time, where most people have never experienced a war personally, an in which even politicians, who claim to be pacifists, declare war to be the last, but legitimate means to accomplish political goals, and in which the news show carpet bombing, but no corpses, it seems appropriate to remind of what war is and what is means for the persons concerned.

That's why I've browsed a bit through our photo album an put up a little photographic essay about my grandfather (who was born the 15.3.1906) in the 2. World War. Except for the the existence of this index, the essay is strictly linear. One can start with the first picture and then click forward til the last picture (for example by clicking on the picture).

Taking pictures without autorization was forbidden in the war, but his superiors tolerated it. However he couldn't send the full films back or receive new films with the field post. Comrades, who journeyed back to germany, took the films with them, handed them over and brought new films. Without all those this essay wouldn't exist.

Warning: Children under 18 years and sensitive persons should NOT READ this essay.

The Copyright © for all pictures is by my family.

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