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Diary 15.5.1943-6.6.1944

In spring 2002 I bought on a flea market in the Rheinauen near Bonn -probably from an estate- for 0,50&euro an old diary, which I now make accessible here in electronic form. It's of course in german and I don't have the time and the capability to translate all the 4000 lines into english. (If someone could do this, I would appreciate it.)

Thanks to several informations, I got from other people, meanwhile I know the author of the text, although there is no name in it. It was the teacher Werner Treins, 30 years old at the begin of the text, He got wounded in 1943 near Sevastopol. The diary begins with a leave at home in Glees (near Bonn, west germany), and ends in a military hospital in Dubrovnik (called Ragusa in the diary) at the day of the invasion of the allies in the Normandie. At the end o the text I added some biographical information.

The author was ardent national socialist to the end, so some parts of the text nowadays seem a bit strange. Nevertheless I give the text unabridged and uncensored, so that everyone can get his own idea of it. (But in total the text is rather inoffensif.)

There were some words, I couldn't read. Those words are marked in the text. Further information about this can be found at the beginning of the text itself. Fortunately the author came from the region around Bonn, otherwise there would have been some more names of towns and villages, which I couldn't have made out. The picture on the right shows a typical page of the diary, written in small letters with a thin pencil.

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